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The Hardest Part Of Starting Up
Is Starting Out

The journey was not an easy one but I gradually managed to realize our dreams.  YellowMBA started out with two freelance writers and with their support, Our aim was to become a trusted content writing service and we gradually began to see the light at the end of the tunnel, which made YellowMBA what in today.

In February 2017, the “baby” We so lovingly nurtured turned into the company we wanted. Yes, “YellowMBA” a name synonymous with content writing. We began to grow in leaps and bounds and with our growth, we acquired new writers to join our bandwagon of content writing. The road was not an easy one, but we overcame the obstacles and barriers to reach this stage in our “writing” life.  No doubt it took us two years to polish our way through, but at the end of those two years, when we looked back we found that those slips and starts were worth every word we write today.

Today Colombo Strategy Consultants (Pvt) Ltd  (Sri Lanka) owns 100% of the shareholding of this venture and we are happy to say that our hard work has paid off handsomely. Our Company has high caliber writers who are MBA holders, language experts, industry experts, and professional journalists who do justice to our writing to make the company stand out among the rest. We have completed many projects to the entire satisfaction of our clients and it makes up absolutely proud to be associated with prestigious clients who are a satisfied lot of people/companies. We will continue to bring out the best for our clients as our name will stand out among the rest as the best content writing company in the country and overseas as well.

Yes, we are proud to announce that YellowMBA has opened a new chapter in its lifeline by inaugurating the first ever YellowMBA Australia in Hobart Tasmania. We are thrilled at this giant step the company has taken as we know that all our hard work has paid dividends in the form of our expansion to serve our clients better.  We will not stop here but continue to diversify our business to reach out to sections of the globe. Our expertise no doubt will assist us in this venture, as our expert writers will pave the way with their enthusiasm, which will be a journey well spent at the end of the day. We no doubt want our clients to feel that they belong to our YellowMBA family and this is sure to be the turning point in our success. “


Helping Clients Achieve A Competitive
Advantage Through Their People.

Today the world is so full of new ideas and people venturing out to expand their knowledge and open new businesses that more often than not they tend to forget the intricacies of what their business is all about, how could it reach out to other people and project the reason that they are in that business. What better way than projecting it with a superbly written article. This is where we come in to help you. It’s our responsibility to see that you get the best writing services and Azoska is here to assist you to reach out to your audience and clientele. We take full responsibility for bringing about a well-worded article that would see your business just boom in its industry.


It's All About Turning Great Ideas Into Your Project

We are not just a writing institute. We take our work seriously and tend to put our entire thinking power to bring you a well written article. Today there are many sites on that perform writing for clients, but at Azoska we are different. The empathic approach that we employ is our strategy. We put ourselves in your shoes and walk that journey together with our clients, seeing the same horizons for the business you are in bring out the best in business writing. We are not any writing company, other than the best in today’s world of business writing, blog writing, business plans, business presentations and many more that would suit your requirements.


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